First Homeowners Share Secrets to Securing Land in Saturated Market

20 Aug 2021

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24-year-old Melisa Sjerotanovic and partner Vedad Dusinovic were one of the lucky few to snap up a slice of land in the recent stage two release of the centrally located development, Stretton Reserve.

Young and new to the property market, the couple were not looking to buy when they stumbled upon this goldmine.

“When we started our search a month ago, we weren’t actually planning to purchase anything straight away. After attending some inspections, finding that houses were already under contract and from doing our own research, we quickly learnt that the prices of land and housing were skyrocketing. So, we decided to dive right in and get serious about purchasing sooner rather than later,” Melisa said.

Melisa was surprised to find not just one but two lots they loved and could actually afford.

“We weren’t initially looking around the Stretton area because it is typically quite expensive but when we saw two lots we loved and could afford in Stretton Reserve we were so happy and thought it was a really good find.

“We originally cast our search out quite wide and were open to a range of areas. What we liked about Stretton Reserve was the fact that it is only 20 mins from the city, is easily accessible to the highway plus it was the same price as suburbs such as Ormeau and Logan Reserve which were in our price bracket but further away from the CBD where my office is.” 

Unfortunately, due to the volatile market, the couple missed out on both lots by a couple of hours.

“When our lot choices fell through, our Urbex Realty Sales Consultant, Stacey mentioned stage two would be released soon if we were happy to wait, and when it was, she helped us through the whole process and choosing our dream lot. Stacey was able to assist us with all our questions and really ensured we were prepared this time around. It also made me realise just how important it is to make these connections with Real Estate and Sales Agents to be the first to hear the news and get a foot in the door before the general public.”

Thanks to the help of Urbex Realty, Melisa and Vedad secured a 350m2 block of land in stage two of Stretton Reserve this month for $385,000.

While they have been able to access the first homeowners grant of $15,000, Melisa says it is still a very tough market right now to get into and not to be discouraged if it does not work out the first time around.

“Working in finance has meant that I have strong budgeting and saving skills and being able to access the first homeowners’ grant has also helped.”

“We picked a lot based on our own personal circumstances and what we can afford to build on the size of the land. There are definitely still great offerings out there, even in this red-hot market.”

With Brisbane announced as the 2023 Olympic Games host, the couple hope the investment will see even more returns. 

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